Shimmering Mermaid Plume Set

PUBLISHED 24.02.2023

Shimmering Mermaid Plume Set


By Ecoolska

Futuristic Mermaid Co-ord Set with long airy tale from digital fashion collection “Sargasso” by phygital brand Ecoolska. Semi-transparent elements give a feeling of tenderness, lightness that is often associated with the sea mystery.The designer and founder Olska Green was inspired by the Sargasso Sea that is located within the Atlantic Ocean and is the only sea without a land boundary.


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Digital fashion designer

Ecoolska is one of the first sustainable phygital brand based in Portugal. We create eco-friendly physical collections, digital fashion, wearable NFTs and virtual fashion shows. Our mission is to change the fashion industry to an eco-friendly, digital and transparent via creation of an ecosystem of sustainable innovative Phygital products that reduce overconsumption and overproduction. To give people eco-alternatives: sustainable and digital fashion. We want to make people fashionable, happy and not harmful for environment not only in real life but also in virtual.