ARTISANT sunglasses

PUBLISHED 28.03.2023

ARTISANT sunglasses

David Cash

By David Cash

Elevate your look with ARTISANT sunglasses made in the shape of our logo. Created in a collaboration with David Cash for Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 in Decentraland, these digital accessories are available in AR. Share your unique style on social media by tagging us in your selfies.


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David Cash

David Cash

Digital fashion designer

David Cash is a Web3-obsessed Multidisciplinarian trained as a Director/Producer currently focused on pushing culture and crypto forwards in tandem while aiding in developing the editorial voice of the Web3 space. Through his agency Cash Labs, he has had the opportunity of playing a pivotal role in bringing the current iteration of the Web3 space to market and is currently working with several Fortune100 players to lay the foundations necessary to onboard the next 1 billion people into Web3.

David Cash